Provision of Goods and Services

The Equal Opportunity Act 2000 (EOA) prohibits any person concerned with the provision (whether or not for payment) of goods, facilities and services to the public or a section of the public from discriminating against a person who seeks to obtain those goods, facilities and services.

How does the EOA protect a person from being discriminated when seeking to access goods, facilities and services?

Section No. 17 of the EOA provides that a provider of goods, facilities and or services shall not discriminate against a person-

In the terms or in the manner or by refusing to supply the goods, provide the facilities or perform the services.

The following are examples of the facilities and services:

a) Access to and use of a public place to which members of the public are permitted to enter;
b) Accommodation in a hotel, guest house or other similar establishments;
c) Entertainment or recreation facilities
d) Transport or travel facilities
e) Banking, insurance, grants, loans, credit or finance facilities
f) The services of any profession or trade or any statutory authority or municipal authority.