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NHRIs: Different models around the world

In part three of the series, we continue the discussion on the Equal Opportunity Commission’s (EOC) strategic vision of becoming the National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) of TT. Today we examine the different models that exist in countries that address human rights holistically, as well as look at the suitability of a particular model for the TT context.

To read more:  https://newsday.co.tt/2023/05/15/nhris-different-models-around-the-world/

2022 Freedom of Information Statement

In accordance with Sections 7, 8, and 9 of the Freedom of Information Act Chapter 22:02 (‘FOIA’), the Equal Opportunity Commission (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Commission’), being a Public Authority, is required by law to publish the following statements, which list the documents and information generally available to the public.

EOC Caravan Continues with Success

Hundreds of patrons visited the Equal Opportunity Commission’s (EOC/Commission) nationwide caravan activation in Marabella. The outreach initiative, which was held at Massy Stores on Friday 5th May, 2023 is part of the EOC’s efforts to raise awareness of the categories covered and status grounds protected by the Equal Opportunity Act (the Act) and the services offered by the EOC.

NHRI Part II: The Paris Principles and the EOC

This is the second column discussing the Equal Opportunity Commission’s (EOC) strategic vision of becoming the National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) of TT. On April 17, we spoke about what are NHRIs. Today we will explain how NHRIs are recognised in the United Nations (UN) system. Contrary to other national institutions, NHRIs are accredited with an internationally accepted quality label, based on their compliance with the UN’s Paris Principles.

To read more visit: https://newsday.co.tt/2023/nhri-part-ii-the-paris-principles-and-the-eoc/


EOC offers free inclusion policymaking services

It is important to take proper steps to prevent discrimination within the workplace. The general workplace atmosphere and culture could be adversely affected. The employees may feel uncomfortable and demotivated. Additionally, failure to do so may lead to the organisation breaching the Equal Opportunity Act if a complaint is lodged against it.

To read more visit: https://newsday.co.tt/eoc-offers-free-inclusion-policymaking-services/  

TV Programme: Carnival Unites Us

Does carnival have the power to unify us as a nation? Are we already experiencing unity during the carnival season? What is the genesis of this unity? The Equal Opportunity Commission brought together a panel of speakers from the carnival industry to discuss just this on its television programme, “The Hard Conversations: Let’s Talk Equality.”

Mental health as a disability

When you think of a disability, what do you tend to think? Blindness or vision impairment, deafness and immobile body parts? Oftentimes when we think of a disability we think of a physical disability. However, there are many types of disabilities that are not physical, such as mental health conditions, health conditions or an intellectual disability. In today’s column, we focus on mental health.

To read more visit: https://newsday.co.tt/2023/03/13/mental-health-as-a-disability/

EOC Wants Zero Discrimination Day Celebrated Nationwide

In a bid to spread the awareness and celebration of Zero Discrimination Day, the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC/Commission) is advocating for the day to be a staple observation in the country and across the region. The institution is leading the charge and championing the cause, and is calling on the nation as a whole to support that mandate.

Partners in equality

The Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) joins all other United Nations members to observe Zero Discrimination Day on March 1. UNAIDS (the United Nations agency for treating with issues relating to HIV and AIDS) first observed Zero Discrimination Day in 2014 and initially focused on combating discrimination and stigma against people living with HIV and AIDS, but in recent time it has been expanded to include wider issues of inequality.

To read more visit:  https://newsday.co.tt/2023/02/27/partners-in-equality/

Access to and inclusion in Carnival activities

Venue-packed events, cultural competitions and revelry in the streets all culminate today and tomorrow as Trinidadians and foreigners alike celebrate the height of an action-packed Carnival season.

In the upcoming week, as the season fades away and clears the way for us to reflect on Carnival, we ask partygoers, revellers and spectators to think about the privilege of these experiences. We are referencing and suggesting here inclusion for people with physical disabilities; specifically, facilities or access for people who wish to partake in the jubilations.

To read more visit:  https://newsday.co.tt/access-to-and-inclusion-in-carnival-activities/