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Notice for Publication August 2020

Members of the public are asked to take notice that, further to section 39(1) of the Equal Opportunity Act Chap 22:03 (the ‘Act’), copies of the following reports are available for inspection at the Commission’s offices located at Nos. 55-57, Manic Street, Chaguanas, 500621 on any working day [Monday to Friday except public holidays] between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Guidelines for Employers COVID-19

Employers and workers are faced with unique and challenging circumstances in responding to coronavirus (COVID-19) due to the recent measures, which continue to impact organisations nationwide. As places of work re-open, employers will be faced with difficult decisions including changes to the way employees work.

National Policy on PWDs

The National Policy provides a comprehensive framework for achieving social inclusion and equality of opportunity for all persons with disabilities in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The scope of the Policy covers a wide range of areas that are to be improved for the benefit of persons with disabilities. Some of these areas include legislation, raising awareness on disability issues, accessibility, education, work and employment, women and children concerns, health, habitation and rehabilitation, access to justice and a number of other areas.

EOC Strategic Plan 2018-2020

The Commission has now revised its Strategic Plan to 2018-2020 to continue its commitment to focus efforts on those activities likely to have deliberate impact in advancing equal opportunity and freedom from discrimination. The main strategic goals remain valid, with some modifications and additions to sharpen its focus and update emerging issues of concern. We have adopted a targeted approach on a common set of priorities, as identified in the Plan, which will reduce the incidence of discriminatory practices.

EOC Strategic Plan 2015-2018

Under the auspices of its new board, the Equal Opportunity Commission has completed its first strategic planning exercise which is envisaged to take us up to 2018. In so doing I wish to acknowledge all the preliminary work that had been completed by the previous board and which formed the platform upon which the current plan was built.

Annual Report 2014

The year 2014 saw the all-encompassing theme of transitions and transformations for the EOC. However, this was embraced with optimism as the old analogy would have it… change is the only constant. As we assimilated to these transitions we faced both accomplishments and challenges as an organisation with a unique service to the public

Annual Report 2013

Since the mandate of the Equal Opportunity Commission continues to be to secure and ensure the rights of all citizens, we continued in 2013 to strengthen our capacity to deliver on our goals by the pursuit of several initiatives. Widening the organisational capacity through expanded human resources and outreach programmes has been our thrust for much of 2013. Following the appointment of an adequate complement of staff by 2010 the Commission proceeded vigorously on a Public Education campaign in keeping with the mandate of the Act.