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Mental health as a disability

When you think of a disability, what do you tend to think? Blindness or vision impairment, deafness and immobile body parts? Oftentimes when we think of a disability we think of a physical disability. However, there are many types of disabilities that are not physical, such as mental health conditions, health conditions or an intellectual disability. In today’s column, we focus on mental health.

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EOC Wants Zero Discrimination Day Celebrated Nationwide

In a bid to spread the awareness and celebration of Zero Discrimination Day, the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC/Commission) is advocating for the day to be a staple observation in the country and across the region. The institution is leading the charge and championing the cause, and is calling on the nation as a whole to support that mandate.

Partners in equality

The Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) joins all other United Nations members to observe Zero Discrimination Day on March 1. UNAIDS (the United Nations agency for treating with issues relating to HIV and AIDS) first observed Zero Discrimination Day in 2014 and initially focused on combating discrimination and stigma against people living with HIV and AIDS, but in recent time it has been expanded to include wider issues of inequality.

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Access to and inclusion in Carnival activities

Venue-packed events, cultural competitions and revelry in the streets all culminate today and tomorrow as Trinidadians and foreigners alike celebrate the height of an action-packed Carnival season.

In the upcoming week, as the season fades away and clears the way for us to reflect on Carnival, we ask partygoers, revellers and spectators to think about the privilege of these experiences. We are referencing and suggesting here inclusion for people with physical disabilities; specifically, facilities or access for people who wish to partake in the jubilations.

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Free EOC inclusivity training

As the leading state advocate on discrimination, the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC/commission) conducts inclusivity training sessions with small, medium and large organisations or businesses in the private and public sectors. The EOC once again welcomes all public and private sector organisations/businesses to request one of our 2023 inclusivity training sessions.

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EOC News Issue 17

The Equal Opportunity Commission’s (EOC) nationwide caravan found early success with its first stop in Tobago. Scores of Tobagonians visited the EOC’s blue tent outside of Roxborough Administrative Complex on Thursday 17th November and Port Mall in Scarborough on Friday 18th November.

Towards hope and growth in 2023

It is the time of year when we decide on our new year resolutions and engage our best efforts to keep them. Some of these resolutions include kicking an old and damaging habit, working towards a better career, or small and simple changes that will have a significant impact. We want to add a resolution for all of TT to consider.

In this new year, let us work towards tolerance and, further, respect and dignity for all. Perhaps it is an ideal that some think is unattainable but as a nation we are further along than we give ourselves credit for and, therefore, we are closer to this ideal than further away from it.

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Vital complaint provisions in the act (Part III)

On October 17, we examined some of the vital provisions in the Equal Opportunity Act Chap 22:03 that govern how the commission handles complaints. Recall that according to section 33, the commission may issue a notice in writing requiring any person to furnish the information described in the notice and specify the time within which the required information is to be furnished. A question that arises frequently is:

Does the other party to the complaint have a right to be given a copy of the documents that the commission has received?

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Protecting our human rights

The United Nations observed World Human Rights Day on Saturday 10th December. This date commemorates the day the General Assembly adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 1948.

The UDHR was the precursor to many United Nations conventions on specific areas of human rights. In our column published on October 24, we noted that TT has signed and ratified six of these conventions, three of which are the conventions on the rights of people with disabilities, on eliminating all forms of racial discrimination, and on eliminating discrimination against women.

These three are of relevance to the work of the Equal Opportunity Commission as we are empowered by legislation to receive, investigate and, as far as possible, conciliate complaints by people who have suffered discrimination on the ground of their race, their ethnicity, their sex or their disability, as well as on three other grounds (their religion, their marital status and their origin).

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EOC News Issue 16

EOC TV show spotlight, 'Different in Ability, Not Capability’ One of the biggest barriers for people with disability is how society disables them. Stereotyping, stigma, and discrimination are challenges people with disability face every day and much of the disabled community face exclusion from various parts of society.

Are we a disabled society?

Have you ever broken a leg? How did you cope? Who did you need? What did you do? Imagine life without a leg. The inconvenience of a broken leg for a few months, which some could hardly bare, is the life that some people with disabilities (PWDs) endure for the rest of their lives. In many ways our inability to facilitate PWDs is the main barrier to their still living full and productive lives. This is reflected in a liberty that most of us may take for granted or may not even consider to be a right or freedom: the ability to exercise choice.

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