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In recognition of World AIDS Day

The Equal Opportunity Commission joins United Nations (UN) members to commemorate World AIDS Day 2022. Every year on December 1, the world celebrates the extraordinary progress in the fight against HIV and AIDS and shows support to the millions of persons living with HIV or AIDS globally. This year, the theme is “Equalize,” emphasising the elimination of the inequalities that have slowed the fight against the disease. Inequalities, such as gender inequality, limit women’s access to HIV care and other forms of sexual and reproductive health care.

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The Equal Opportunity Commission’s (EOC) nationwide caravan found early success with its first stop in Tobago. Scores of Tobagonians visited the EOC’s blue tent outside of Roxborough Administrative Complex on Thursday 17th November and Port Mall in Scarborough on Friday 18th November.

The scourge of Domestic Violence

In many ways, the work of the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) centres on protecting our human rights and advocating for dignity and respect for all members of society. Eliminating discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity for all, points to the Bill of Rights in our constitution and the protection of our individual rights and freedoms.

To read more visit: https://newsday.co.tt/2022/11/21/the-scourge-of-domestic-violence/

EOC Caravan Starts in Tobago

The EOC’s team will set up its signature blue tent at two locations: the Roxborough Administrative Complex on Thursday 17th November and in front of the Port Mall, Scarborough on Friday 18th November, 2022. The activities on both days will take place from 10am to 5pm.

Different in ability, not in capability

One of the ways that the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) educates and connects with the public is by providing platforms for vulnerable communities; to support and magnify their messages to work towards an inclusive and equal society. The EOC’s television programme, The Hard Conversations: Let’s Talk Equality, is one avenue where these productive and informed discussions occur.

To read more visit:  https://newsday.co.tt/2022/11/07/different-in-ability-not-in-capability/

Lodging a complaint after six months

On October 17, we examined some of the vital provisions in the Equal Opportunity Act Chap 22:03 that govern how the commission handles complaints. Recall that the act prohibits discrimination in the areas of employment, education, the provision of goods and services, and the provision of accommodation, where someone has been subjected to differential and less-favourable treatment because of any one of seven personal and inherent characteristics known as status grounds; these are their race, their ethnicity, their sex, their religion, their origin, their marital status, and any disability they may have.

To read more visit:  https://newsday.co.tt/2022/10/31/vital-complaint-provisions

Hard conversations critical for progress

Sometimes we need to listen to the stories and experiences from the proverbial horses’ mouth and hear their feelings and opinions in order to truly understand the human impact of discrimination. Last Wednesday, the EOC launched its monthly TTT programme, The Hard Conversations: Let’s Talk Equality, that seeks to do just that. What are the hard conversations? They are those topics we tend to avoid because they are hard to tackle but these are exactly the conversations we need to have if we want to see a difference.

To read more visit:  https://newsday.co.tt/2022/10/10/hard-conversations-critical-for-progress

Focus on blind in October

October is Blind Awareness Month and many organisations and individuals around the world will focus on education to raise awareness on the accomplishments of those who are blind or visually impaired, and advocate for resources and laws to enable people with visual impairments to live fully productive lives and contribute equally to their communities.

To read more visit: https://newsday.co.tt/2022/10/03/focus-on-blind-in-october

EOC News Issue 15

Let’s Talk Equality, is the EOC’s latest television programme that will bring together speakers who have experienced discrimination in certain categories and hopefully these first-hand stories and how persons can be personally affected will stir the pot of change.