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Towards equality, human rights for all

It is not by chance that TT can be considered an evolving society where every creed and race have an equal place to consider as home. Today, after 59 years of independence and 45 years as a republic, the people of TT have in essence captured the elusive spirit of tolerance and inclusiveness, living and working side by side with each other.

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EOC News Issue 6

Avoid stigmatising those who have tested positive, those who had to undergo quarantine because they were a primary contact, or those who display covid-19 related symptoms. For instance, a person may cough or have an itchy throat due to allergies.

EOC is an independent body

The Equal Opportunity Commission (the ‘Commission’) wishes to address reports in the print, electronic and social media that suggest that it has prevented Ms Veera Bhajan from taking up her post as Lay Assessor at the Equal Opportunity Tribunal (the ‘Tribunal’).

EOC and TTFA Target Racism in Sports

In a bid to address racism in sports and its personal impact on athletes, the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) will partner with the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) to host a virtual roundtable discussion entitled, ‘Racism in Sports: The Hard Conversation’ and launch the “Pass the Ball Challenge”.

EOC News Issue 5

An HIV infection can cause impairment that would substantially limit functions of the immune system if not medically treated, and as such, a person living with an HIV infection can meet the Equal Opportunity Act’s (EOA) definition of disability.

EOC News Issue 4

What may seem harmless , or even an insignificant remark could do a lot of harm. If someone complains about sexual harassment, immediate actions should be taken to investigate the complaint.

Commissioner Appointed to EOC

The Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) announced the appointment of Dr. Krystal-Jane Verasammy to the Board of Commissioners. Dr. Verasammy took her oath of office and received her Instrument of Appointment from the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago on 25 May 2021.

Full Services Restored at the EOC

The offices of the Equal Opportunity Commission located at 55-57 Manic Street, Chaguanas will re-open on Monday 19 April, 2021 from 8:00am. The Commission thanks its stakeholders, staff and members of the public for their patience and understanding, while the offices were closed. The Ministry of Health’s guidelines were followed and the protocols were implemented.

EOC News Issue 2

Persons with Down syndrome possess their own unique talents, artistry and abilities. Just as everyone else, they deserve the right to educational and vocational opportunities, the opportunity to develop their talents and skills, full participation in the workforce and the opportunity to contribute to society.