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EOC role in upholding the principles of the Constitution

What does it mean to be a republic? A quick search of a definition would tell us that a country is declared a republic when it establishes a constitution and supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives rather than a monarch.
It is a privilege and blessing to have the ability to elect our own head of state, independent of an external body, draw up our own laws and unlink ourselves from the identity of former colonisers and claim self-determination.

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Let us go forward in unity

We See flags and buntings in our national colours red, white and black adorning buildings throughout the country. It is an indication that our nation’s independence anniversary is nigh. However, this year is not like any other year, it is Trinidad and Tobago’s diamond jubilee anniversary. It is a suitable time for us to reflect on what we prioritise as a society and decide if this is the path we would like to continue traversing together.

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Win Big with EOC This Independence

We should celebrate our unity across our differences on the nation’s diamond jubilee 60th Independence Day. The Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) said that even though there is much we need to work on as a nation, we for the most part, co-exist peacefully and are tolerant; this forms part of our national identity. We should focus on the positives and aspire to deepen this unity. This is why the EOC is hosting an Instagram photo and video competition called “Real Unity”.

Bark and bite of the act

The Equal Opportunity Act empowers the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) to resolve discrimination matters fairly and impartially and, further, escalate a matter if there is no resolution or non-compliance. In some instances, consequences for non-compliance can hit an individual or a company in the pocket. In today’s column, we will explore three ways in which the act has both bark and bite in its pursuit of equality of treatment for all.

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The final category covered by EOA

The categories included in the Equal Opportunity Act (EOA) are broad and provide coverage for a wide range of services and accommodations. In previous columns, we discussed three categories, which are employment, education and provision of accommodation. Today we will address the fourth and final category covered by the act, which is provision of goods and services.

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EOC News Issue 14

Mandela left a legacy that taught us the true meaning of humility, human dignity,and equality. The Equal Opportunity Commission’s celebration of Nelson Mandela International Day or Mandela Day.

Emancipation greetings from the EOC

Did you know that Trinidad and Tobago was the first independent country in the world to officially declare Emancipation Day as a public holiday to celebrate the abolition of slavery? On August 1, 1985, Emancipation Day replaced Columbus Discovery Day, which commemorated the arrival of Columbus to Moruga. It made the shift from celebrating the moment our country was colonised to instead honouring and celebrating our African ancestors who brought a rich culture to our shores and the contributions of their descendants to our country’s development.

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EOC News Issue 13

This was the topic of discussion on EOC’s third episode of Sex and Prejudice and the panel of experts delivered on their ability to provide thought provoking discussions as well as short-and long-term solutions.

Discrimination and education

It is unlawful for any educational establishment, board, or other institution to discriminate against both applicants and/or students who are already enrolled in a school or programme, based on any of seven protected status grounds under the act. These are religion, disability, race, ethnicity, origin including geographic origin, marital status, and sex.

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