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Quality education for all

Young people on the autism spectrum may experience barriers to receiving a quality education. These barriers may include discrimination and prejudice, bullying, limited teacher training and teacher preparation, limited human and material resources and limited administrative support.

This is exacerbated by the covid19 pandemic. According to the UN, “many students with autism have been especially hard hit and studies show that they have been disproportionately affected by disruptions to routines, as well as services and supports that they rely on.”

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Magnifying voices against racism

As the leading state advocate on equality, the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) joins United Nations members to magnify the voices of those who experience racism, whose opportunities are limited and who struggle to enjoy basic human rights.

Data at the commission shows that complaints filed based on the status grounds of race and ethnicity are the most lodged complaints that we receive at our offices. In Trinidad and Tobago and in the world, racism exists in undertones and overtones. The keyword, if you would allow us to play on that word, is tone, relating to our voices.

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Categories covered by the act

The most lodged complaints that the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) receives at its offices are under the category of employment. This has consistently been the trend since the inception of the EOC; sometimes outweighing all other categories combined. However, the Equal Opportunity Act covers four broad categories: provision of goods and services, provision of accommodation, employment and education. It is important to understand the categories contained in the act so that members of the public can access the full range of coverage.

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Break the bias against women

Data at the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) shows that since its inception, the most complaints that are lodged at our offices are by women in the category of employment. This is supported by data from International Women’s Day Global, where almost 60 per cent of women experience bias at work. Whether it is deliberate or unintentional, biases make it harder for women to get hired or promoted in certain fields.

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EOC News Issue 10

Zero Discrimination Day (ZDD) is a global movement that focuses on raising awareness and taking action to ensure that everyone can live a life of dignity and have access to opportunities by ending all forms of discrimination and promoting inclusion. UNAIDS launched the first ZDD in 2014 and it has been observed March 1 every year since.

What is reasonable accommodation

Trinidad and Tobago signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) on September 27, 2007 and it was further ratified into domestic law on June 25, 2015. Even before this convention was ratified, the Equal Opportunity Act (EOA) Chap 22:03 placed a duty on employers to make reasonable adjustments for their staff to assist them in overcoming disadvantages resulting from any impairment.

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EOC News Issue 9

The Equal Opportunity Commis­sion was recently invited by the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce to present on vaccine discrimination at a webinar for its members. Mr. Haran Ramkaransingh, Legal Director at the Commis­sion joined the esteemed panel on the topic.

Seeking redress under Equal Opportunity Act

The Equal Opportunity Act is often described as a progressive piece of legislation. While the act is still somewhat limited in protecting the full spectrum of human rights, it is a ground-breaking piece of legislation that partially fills a critical gap, one which the Equal Opportunity Commission hopes would one day be closed.

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Core functions of the EOC

As we start the New Year, we remind members of the public about the mandate and core functions of the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) so that they can access the full range of benefits that the EOC offers. It is prudent to ensure that members of the public understand and appreciate that the EOC does not just receive complaints, but we are empowered and positioned to be the leading public advocate on equality and discrimination.

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