Education: A fundamental right for all

The Future of our nation depends on accessing talent and skill sets from all members of our society. It all starts with a quality education that gives people with disabilities access to inclusive and lifelong learning opportunities. To read more visit:

Workplace vaccination: What the Equal Opportunity Act says

COVID19 has undeniably created unique and challenging circumstances for both employers and employees, as well as an avenue for unwanted discrimination in the workplace. Despite these unprecedented circumstances, employers are under a legal obligation to ensure that any decision made in response to covid19 does not discriminate against employees pursuant to the Equal Opportunity Act, Chap 22:03 (the act). To read more visit:

Towards inclusive job recruitment

Whether you are an employer or human resource professional responsible for hiring or a jobseeker, it is important to be aware of your rights and responsibilities during the recruitment process. To read more visit:

Offensive behaviour is covered in the act

Imagine the following scenario: You are doing your job and in doing so, you upset a well-known authority figure. This person then posts racist remarks about you on their social media page. This results in many of the authority figure’s followers posting negative comments about you. What will you do? What can you do? The racist remarks are not tied to a category that is covered under the Equal Opportunity Act (the Act): these are education, employment, provision of goods and services and provision of accommodation. However, the good news is that the Act makes provisions for persons to lodge a complaint under the category, “Offensive Behaviour”. To read more visit:

Conciliation – a viable alternative to court

The Equal Opportunity Commission offers conciliation to all parties involved in the complaints process. At these sessions, the commission’s conciliator/mediator acts as a neutral third party and facilitates discussions between the participants. To read more visit:

Services offered by the EOC

The Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) offers a range of services to organisations, communities and members of the public to empower them to exercise their right to equality of treatment, or to enable them to make more informed decisions. These services are accessible and free of charge up until the stage of conciliation. To read more visit:

Free and easy EOC redress

The services offered at the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) are designed to be accessible and inclusive. The Equal Opportunity Act removes potential barriers that may prevent a person from accessing justice and empowers them to exercise their right to equality. To read more visit:

Offensive behaviour on social media

Social media sites were made to connect people, but are quickly becoming a source of division and a hotbed for cyberbullying. In recent times, choosing whether or not to be vaccinated is the hot topic, but in discussing the options there are those who intimidate, offend or humiliate others to get their point across. To read more visit:

Towards equality, human rights for all

It is not by chance that TT can be considered an evolving society where every creed and race have an equal place to consider as home. Today, after 59 years of independence and 45 years as a republic, the people of TT have in essence captured the elusive spirit of tolerance and inclusiveness, living and working side by side with each other. To read more visit: