EOC News Issue 17

The Equal Opportunity Commission’s (EOC) nationwide caravan found early success with its first stop in Tobago. Scores of Tobagonians visited the EOC’s blue tent outside of Roxborough Administrative Complex on Thursday 17th November and Port Mall in Scarborough on Friday 18th November.

EOC News Issue 16

EOC TV show spotlight, 'Different in Ability, Not Capability’ One of the biggest barriers for people with disability is how society disables them. Stereotyping, stigma, and discrimination are challenges people with disability face every day and much of the disabled community face exclusion from various parts of society.

EOC News Issue 15

Let’s Talk Equality, is the EOC’s latest television programme that will bring together speakers who have experienced discrimination in certain categories and hopefully these first-hand stories and how persons can be personally affected will stir the pot of change.

EOC News Issue 14

Mandela left a legacy that taught us the true meaning of humility, human dignity,and equality. The Equal Opportunity Commission’s celebration of Nelson Mandela International Day or Mandela Day.

EOC News Issue 13

This was the topic of discussion on EOC’s third episode of Sex and Prejudice and the panel of experts delivered on their ability to provide thought provoking discussions as well as short-and long-term solutions.

EOC News Issue 12

The television programme, ‘Sex and Prejudice’ has been solidified as one of the Equal Opportunity Commission’s (EOC) successful educational programmes. On the second Tuesday of each month, viewers can expect to see a panel of qualified and expert activists and advocates discuss sex and gender issues in relation to discrimination and inequality and proffer solutions to these issues.

EOC News Issue 11

On the first Tuesday of every month, the EOC, in partnership with TTT will bring together a panel of advocates to drum up conversations and offer solutions for sex and gender-related issues. It is a six (6)-part series, that will be broadcasted live from TTT’s studio. You can also catch the one-hour episodes on TTT or EOCTT Facebook pages. Dike Rostant is the host of the series.

EOC News Issue 10

Zero Discrimination Day (ZDD) is a global movement that focuses on raising awareness and taking action to ensure that everyone can live a life of dignity and have access to opportunities by ending all forms of discrimination and promoting inclusion. UNAIDS launched the first ZDD in 2014 and it has been observed March 1 every year since.

EOC News Issue 9

The Equal Opportunity Commis­sion was recently invited by the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce to present on vaccine discrimination at a webinar for its members. Mr. Haran Ramkaransingh, Legal Director at the Commis­sion joined the esteemed panel on the topic.

EOC News Issue 8

The EOC's webinar presentation was the marquee attraction at the Trade and Investment Convention (TIC) 2021. The webinar on Know Your Rights: Employment Discrimination, registered the most attendees at this year's convention. The webinar, which took place on Wednesday 3rd November 2021, created an avenue for attendees to learn about the mandate of the EOC and have their questions answered on workplace discrimination and other relevant topics.

EOC News Issue 7

A grievance procedure is an orderly system for reporting and processing complaints. The procedure should contain an investigation and appeal mechanism that allows parties who are not satisfied to appeal against the results of investigations to the authorities.

EOC News Issue 6

Avoid stigmatising those who have tested positive, those who had to undergo quarantine because they were a primary contact, or those who display covid-19 related symptoms. For instance, a person may cough or have an itchy throat due to allergies.

EOC News Issue 5

An HIV infection can cause impairment that would substantially limit functions of the immune system if not medically treated, and as such, a person living with an HIV infection can meet the Equal Opportunity Act’s (EOA) definition of disability.