Core Values and Core Functions


  1. Respect - for each other and the public
  2. Accountability - to the public
  3. Honesty - is the best policy
  4. Integrity - in our conduct
  5. Transparency - to the world and can withstand scrutiny
  6. Responsibility - to the task
  7. Commitment - to the job
  8. Loyalty - to the EOC
  9. Teamwork - we are all in this together
  10. Recognition - of occasions and of achievements


1. Public Education

  • Public and Private sectors - Employers
  • Clearly defined goal- to communicate to people
  • that they have a duty to understand the EOA
  • Develop a quota for evaluating periodically
  • Clearly defined target groups - employers, trade unions, students
  • Sustainability
  • Behavior modification would be the end result - Consequent upon public education, a positive change in behavior is anticipated by the target groups


2. Research

  • To obtain data to guide the current operations of the EOC in terms of its policies and priorities
  • To keep under review the EOA and develop and propose amendments
  • To bring to the attention of the Commission developments in equal opportunity in external
  • Jurisdictions


3. Investigation

  • To receive, review (preliminary investigation to determine status) and investigate legitimate complaints of discrimination and victimization


4. Conciliation

  • Where it is found that the subject matter can be resolved by conciliation all reasonable endeavours will be made to do so.
  • Where the conciliation is unsuccessful, proceedings can be initiated before the EDT.


5. Publications

  • Develop publications, also in alternative formats (audio, video, large print, braille) to 'cater for all
  • Keep the website current
  • The production of the annual report
  • Translate the research data to publications that will inform the public
  • Develop an archive including a binder with records of complaints


6. Strategic Priorities

  1. To secure an effective legislative and regulatory  framework for equality and human rights
  2. To build a society without prejudice, promote good relations and foster a vibrant equality and human rights culture   
  3. To promote understanding and awareness of rights and duties and deliver timely and accurate advice and guidance to individuals and employers
  4. Build an authoritative and responsive organization